Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Commitment to Privacy

123 Group Pty Ltd needs to collect personal and confidential information required to manage and process your registration and course involvement for training. None of this information will be released outside 123 Group Pty Ltd, except where you consent in writing or required by law and where it needs to be shared with our education and training partners for the provision of training and accreditation.

The staff and trainers at 123 Group Pty Ltd undertake a commitment not to distribute this information to any parties that fail to identify themselves in accordance with 123 Group Pty Ltd rules and procedures. At 123 Group Pty Ltd, we abide by the principles of the Privacy Act and have integrated these principles into our workplace. We may send you information on other materials offered by the 123 Group Pty Ltd, generally by email; however, you can choose not to opt out at any stage.

Your personal information gathered may also be used by 123 Group Pty Ltd for reporting,
Communication, appraisal, evaluation, reviewing and grading. Rest assured that only authorized 123 Group Pty Ltd representatives will have access to this type of information.

Fee Policy

1) 123 Group Pty Ltd will only accept course enrolments online via the enrolment form on a company page or any official partner websites.

2) 123 Group Pty Ltd requires Certified copies of 100 points of ID. Which can be emailed to the support email address on the site where you enrolled (You can find details about the 100 point system here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/100_point_check)

3) Prior to studying with 123 Group Pty Ltd, you may be asked to complete a LLN (Language, Literacy & Numeracy) test so we know if you require any additional resources or help. This is done via an Online Multiple Choice Questionnaire.

4) If you are paying with a credit card you will be taken to the Paypal site where you can securely enter your credit card details, you can also pay using a PayPal account. If you choose another payment method and receive a Pro Forma Invoice you will need to pay this amount before we issue a Tax Invoice. If you have an approved credit account you must send the purchase order or written order confirmation before the student can commence.

Once the above clauses have been met, the student will be granted access into our course/s.

Refund Policy

123 Group Pty Ltd has a 14 day refund policy.

An Enrolment Fee will be refunded when:

a) The student notifies 123 Group Pty Ltd in writing (Email is accepted) that they do not wish to commence training. Notification must be received no later than 14 days after enrolment form being received by 123 Group Pty Ltd. When a student signs up to a membership service the joining fee is an administration fee and will not be refunded. Where the membership provides a trial period this period is to be used to evaluate the membership for the members suitability and the member can cancel their membership during this trial period if not found suitable. Once a membership fee has been paid no refund is available. 

A student, who notifies 123 Group Pty Ltd of a withdrawal other than in accordance with clause a) above is not entitled to a refund.

The refund will be paid:

a. Within 14 days of receipt by 123 Group Pty Ltd of a notice of cancellation in accordance with clause a) above.
b. Back to the person who paid the course fee to 123 Group Pty Ltd.
c. Via the Issue Refund service through Paypal, Stripe or the e-commerce payment provider.
d. Minus $120 for a Booking Administration Fee for packages or payment plans, or $60 for short course enrolments
e. Minus a fee of $45 for each and every workbook which has been accessed, where there is a record of access in the Learning Management System.

Reassessment Fee Policy

Students of 123 Group Pty Ltd who applied for the Nationally Recognised Certificate option upon enrolment automatically have 3 chances for assessment submission for review before final accredited assessment. Should a student be deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’ after the official accreditation assessment and still wishes to maintain in the course he/she can complete the assessment again for a fee of $155 for each unit of Competency (UOC).

The student will be given the option to re-do the assessment and if chosen so, an invoice will be issued and sent. The funds must be received prior to any reassessment.

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