Payroll Training Courses

Human Resources (HR) is one of the key operational risks for every organisation. Hiring and retaining great staff is a key success factor for businesses that want to perform well and prosper. Hiring and retaining staff is also one of the largest and more complicated financial aspects of an organisation.

The Payroll Cycle

Payroll Administration involves all aspects of the pay cycle for employees of a company. The pay cycle steps include:

  • Setup and configuration
  • Setup for collection of taxes
  • Setup for payment of superannuation
  • Rostering and scheduling
  • Keeping track of time and attendance,
  • Managing time off and holidays and
  • Payment of wages.

FREE Payroll Introduction Training Course

The stages in the Payroll Cycle are easy to follow when you only need to manage a standard full-time employee who is on salary. Once you start to introduce some complex aspects of rosters, absenteeism, benefits and taxes the situation can get complicated very quickly.

Introduction to Payroll Administration Training Course from the Career Academy of National Bookkeeping - 123 Group Pty Ltd

Learn about the fundamental stages of the payroll cycle for free with our Xero Payroll Introduction training course manual and see the other topics included in our full payroll administration course.

Payroll Software Programs

National Bookkeeping offers Payroll Training Courses in all major accounting programs including

  • MYOB AccountRight,
  • MYOB Business (Essentials),
  • Xero, and
  • QuickBooks Online (KeyPay).

See the Payroll Training Courses available

Payroll Administration Tasks

In these courses you’ll learn about all tasks in the payroll cycle, including:

  • Payroll Terminology
  • Employer Payroll Obligations
  • Payslip Requirements
  • What is PAYG
  • Deductions
  • Payroll Tax Codes & Tables
  • Sick Pay & Holidays
  • Payroll Reports and Record Keeping

See the Payroll Training Courses available