online myob and excel course testimonials

Students receive regular updates about new and updated course content including videos, workbooks, knowledge reviews and exercise case studies and we’re thrilled when we hear our students telling us what they liked the most about the course.

Training Graduate & CPA: Trevor is impressed with our training & digital marketing

Trevor has decades of accounting experience working for large businesses and now operates his own accounting and bookkeeping practice. He learnt how to use Xero so he can help more local small businesses as well as businesses all around Australia, remotely. 

Team Member: Sam is a university graduate in Psychology and worked with our team to help students and members.

You’ll notice some videos where Sam is the host. She also helped in many different roles including creating material for the Career Academy and digital marketing to help students achieve their goals using our services.

Agnest is changing careers from Childcare to bookkeeping

Agnest likes the accuracy and preciseness as well as the flexibility of bookkeeping as compared to childcare. This video explains why she wants to get into the industry and why she chose the Career Academy of National Bookkeeping and 123 Group Pty Ltd.

Josika loves our Customer Service and has her first tutoring client

Josika wanted to up-skill to perform bookkeeping work and training and find her own clients.

She enrolled into the MYOB and Xero Bookkeeping PRO training course package and after completing the course and receiving her Advanced Certificate now has her own National Bookkeeping Profile and we’ve helped her find her first tutoring client for Xero.

Kristi loves learning Xero for local bookkeeping work

Kristi has worked for a large corporate for 8 years in the mining industry.

Her goal is to work from home helping smaller businesses with their bookkeeping and administration after experiencing first hand how trades people struggle with their accounts.

She used the full suite of training and support with Xero & MYOB Bookkeeping PRO Training Course Package.

MYOB, Xero & Office Administration Certificate Training Course Video Testimonials

Jodi mastered Xero so she can do bookkeeping work for local businesses

Here are some written comments and testimonials from students who completed their online training courses.

It is easy to access, straight to the point and time efficient (and) it is very user friendly!

Lize Johnson
[I’m getting skills to find work.]

The bank reconciliation is the best part of the course for me.

Christine Park
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

The videos are concise, short enough in length to absorb the info and all aspects are clearly explained.

Samantha Galbin
[I want to start my own business.]

It is an ideal course for beginners and for people who know nothing about accounts.

Patricia Smith
[I want to start my own business.]

I really like the ability to go back and reference the videos. I use MYOB as part of my job but not every day. I really like having it right there on my desktop in case I forget how to do something. I did the online course and I like to work at my own pace.

Tammy Steeves
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

“This is the best way to learn all software, not just MYOB.”

Frances Vumbaca
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

Jack learnt WordPress and Digital Marketing to help his father

Tristan got help with his business website and digital marketing

Tristan owns an Asbestos removal and demolition business. He does a great job for a reasonable price and wanted this to come across on his website and in Google. Tristan learnt about digital marketing and got some help from our digital marketing specialists to rank better in Googles search results and demonstrate what his business does on a day to day basic on social media.

Kaden learnt about WordPress for his electrical and refrigeration business

Kaden recently acquired an electrical business and learnt how to use his website to capture leads from people in the NSW Central Coast who want quotes for air conditioning installations, electrical work and refrigeration repairs.

Julio is a professional Business Development Manager who received leads from a digital marketing campaign

Julio worked in the telecoms space as well as payment services and was surprised at the number of leads he was able to get for a niche market.

Sonia learnt how to use MYOB and Payroll to perform admin tasks for her husbands business

Sonia had to up-skill so that she could perform weekly tasks for her husbands business. She used a combination of structured courses and one to one consulting to give her the confidence and skills she needed to perform the work.

“Everything was fantastic”

Lubo Sestak
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

“Very educational”

Alison Wilson
[I’m getting skills to find work.]

“Made to feel at ease with the teacher, a good experience and not an issue if you cannot understand”

Jackie Allan
[ I want to start my own business]

“Workbook and videos were good – & knowledge questions, were good also”

Diane Sleeman
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

[quote]”Good to study on my own pace and time”[/quote]

Nhu Duong
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

Member: National Bookkeeping Member in Melbourne

Babita signed up with National Bookkeeping (123 Group Pty Ltd) to find clients as an independent bookkeeper working for herself. She was given carefully vetted leads from genuine businesses and ended up doing a great job for her clients.

[quote]”video presentations were excellent.”[/quote]

John Arusei
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

[quote]”everything was so easy to follow & learn”[/quote]

Sandy Lashford
[I need skills to find work.]

[quote]”goes into fine detail of all aspect of MYOB”[/quote]

Summar K
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

[quote]”The assessments were the best part. Liked the fact that I could know if I got the question right or wrong immediately.”[/quote]

Philip Sayce
[I want skills to find work.]

[quote]”The best parts are the tests, probably because i love challenges… throu the tests is possible to prove what you`ve learned watching the very easy to understand videos.
But i would also like to say that the all course per se was absolutely great.”[/quote]

Massimo Piras
[I want skills to find work.]

[quote]”It is all really good I couldn’t pick if I tried. I have tried to use MYOB in the past but it never made sense to me. But after doing your course it makes more sense.

Linda Matanovic
[I need skills to find work.]

[quote]”you can decide your own learning rate”[/quote]

Don Cheung Tsang Hee
[I want skills to find work.]

[quote]”Easy to follow and videso are clear and concise.”[/quote]

Loretta Heraghty
[I want a certificate.]

[quote]”Being able to learn at my own pace, the videos and workbook were clear and easy to understand.”[/quote]

Evonne Ng
[I need skills to find work.]

[quote]”I like how I can now go back over the videos and review them again, especially on areas that I didnt fully understand the first time around.”[/quote]

Kerry Copeland
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

[quote]”I had a look at in class courses run through Perth and they were all priced around the $1000 mark. I was willing to pay that untill i looked a their outline and it was all padded with OH&S and unrelated topics which i wasnt interested in learning. This online MYOB course was not only 1/4 of the cost but it got straight to the point, taught me everything i need to know to start my new job on monday and i was able to do it at rmy own pace. LOVED IT!!!!”[/quote]

Angela DeBoni
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

[quote]”learning in my time and not rushing to get to class and can stop when i need to do other task of my employment”[/quote]

Erica Haselwood
[I want to be more productive in my current job.]

[quote]”So easy to do”[/quote]

Melissa Hudson
[I want skills to find work.]

We’ve been delivering online training for over a decade and our students includes people looking for work, business owners and their staff and Rehabilitation companies, Insurance Companies who are helping upskill and retrain employees who need to learn how to use office software.

123 Group graduates who now help others learn

Theory and Practical exercises are just one part of a thorough learning program and although they are very helpful, nothing beats practical experience in either doing the work or helping others.

We work very closely with students of our MYOB and Xero PRO, Online Business and Bookkeeping Business packages and that means internships, joint digital marketing and even lead generation to help them find clients. Here are the videos of some of our graduates.

Agnest can help with office support work

Agnest is changing careers and wants to work in accounts and office administration. She can help you create quotes, invoices, purchases, enter payments and all other daily transactions for your business.

Ashleigh can balance your books

Ashleigh was working under a lot of pressure in the freight industry and has successfully transitioned to an accounting role while also providing training and support for small businesses. She can make sure your books balance at the end of every month.

Enrol today and start on the same day with the support of a well established training organisation and Registered BAS agents.