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MYOB & Xero Training Courses from $25 per week

Enrol into the Career Academy Pathway Program and

Get Connected with Industry Professionals

Our Industry Pathways Short Courses are for people who want to find part-time accounting jobs or
contract bookkeepers who want a resource for new clients,

Office Administration staff who need to use Accounting software like MYOB and Xero in their work and want an
ongoing resource and support when they need it enrol into our courses.

Business owners who want a better understanding of
how to use MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Excel to better manage their own businesses

MYOB & Xero Online Courses Training Resources

  1. Watch the Online MYOB & Xero Training videos as often as you want,
  2. Print the workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises.
  3. Use the sample files to practice your skills
  4. Skills Assessment Tests
  5. Review your answers and be guided to the correct answer if you make a mistake
  6. Receive a Beginners or Advanced Certificate of Completion

MYOB & Xero Online Courses  

The MYOB & Xero Online short courses can be completed within 7 days but we offer 12 months course access so that you can repeat the course and review the training resources as often as you want, when you like — making the Online MYOB & Xero Training Course the ultimate resource for learning how to use MYOB & Xero.

When you complete the MYOB, Xero or Excel Training Skills Assessment Tests you receive the learning resources to review your answers immediately and go over the learning materials as often as you need to so  that you get it right the next time. You can attempt the knowledge reviews three times.

MYOB Online Courses – Outlines

During your 12 months course access period you also get access to any updates and additions to our training courses. This includes the ability to go over what you have seen as often as you need, access to new training materials as they are announced at the blog and move from course to course as you need.

XERO Online Courses – Outline

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During your 12 months course access period you also get access to any updates to the Xero training courses. This includes the ability to review what you have seen as often as you need.

Microsoft Excel Online Courses

Microsoft Excel 2016 Beginners to Advanced Training Courses are now also available.

See Training Courses and Packages which include MS Excel, Word and Office software skills

FREE MYOB Software

Do you need to get a copy of MYOB software to practise? The link to access it is included in our course but you don’t need to enrol in our course to find it, just read about what’s included in our MYOB course.

Read about free MYOB software for training.

This article and video also demonstrate the training style used in one aspect of our training materials, the online training videos. Take a look at our free sample training videos which covers certain aspects of performing a bank reconciliation using MYOB.

Our premium short courses include course notes with tasks you need to perform and assessment test 

Learn more about how we deliver, support and assess students

Bookkeeping Industry Connection, accounts tutors, internships, placements, work experience, jobs for Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Short Courses LogoGet Feedback and Advice from Bookkeepers

Receive online support during your course when you need it and industry connect is included in selected courses to give you first hand advice and feedback from bookkeepers, BAS Agents and other practitioners who are performing this work every week.

Learn more about Industry Connect.

MYOB Online Courses Skills Testing

Knowledge tests are used throughout the course to test your skills, and many students find them a refreshing way to learn.

Learn more about our Bookkeeping Beginners to Advanced Certificate Course Assessment Process

Xero Advanced Certificate from National BookkeepingAdvanced Accounting Certificate for Your Resume

If you are looking for work, a MYOB or Xero Advanced Certificate demonstrates your commitment to attend professional training and shows your willingness to learn and be nurtured by industry practitioners along with the online support resources you need the most when you get your new accounts job.

The Advanced Certificate provides training and practical exercises using modern accounting software and procedures and our Job Placement Resources will ensure your resume looks great and will appeal to potential employers.

Your Advanced certificate is from National Bookkeeping – a National Network of BAS Agents, Finance Managers and independent Bookkeepers.

Work & Study Remotely from Home

Online, cloud-based software for accounting, digital marketing and office admin & support give you the power to work from anywhere. 

This also gives employers the power to find the best person for the job no matter where they live, rather than the best person within driving or transport distance.

Learn more about working remotely

MYOB & Xero Training and Support

The training course is created and certified by National Bookkeeping and by enrolling into any course you can join their Academic Development Program as a student member for half the normal price. Not only are our support team professional users of MYOB, Xero and Excel for bookkeeping purposes but many are registered BAS agents and perform bookkeeping for themselves as well as commercially for paying clients.

Support is available via email, online support ticketing system, Student Community and direct Tutor Support so you can use the support tools that suit your learning style.

See our Xero & MYOB Beginners to Advanced Bookkeeping Training Courses

Bookkeepers Earnings Guarantee using MYOB, Xero & QuickBooks OnlineEarnings Guarantee

Successful completion of selected accounting training course packages include earnings guarantees so you can put your training in real world scenarios into practice in the real world with the help of industry professionals.

Learn more about the Earnings Guarantee

The Accounting Career Academy Pathway Program for $25 per week

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping LOGOReceive training up to an advanced level on MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks Online and Excel.

Receive support for when you need it in your business or at work and speak with industry professionals who’ll review your assignments and answer your questions about working in the industry.

See our Cloud Accounting Training Course Packages

The Career Academy Success Training Program for FREE

The career academy xero and myob accounting training coursesChoosing a training course provider is a big decision which can affect what you learn as well as how it helps you find work.

Take advantage of the Career Academy FREE training offer and get laser focused on what you love doing and finding work doing that.

The Career Academy Program for FREE

Prefer to spend $8.25 per month (paid annually)

Get the full training tutorial library to learn how to master Xero, MYOB Accountright, MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks Online for the lowest price with Learn Express.


This training resources gives you the training video tutorials and the online tutor support for everything you want to learn and at your own pace.

Learn more about Learn Express

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