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What’s Included

MYOB Online Courses from only $88!!

Who enrols in our MYOB Online Courses?:

  1. Become a part-time bookkeepers or contract bookkeepers who want a resource for further information, or for people
  2. Looking to find working using bookkeeping and MYOB skills or those who want to
  3. Use MYOB for their own businesses

MYOB Online Courses Training Resources

  1. Watch the Online MYOB Training videos as often as you want,
  2. Print the workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises.
  3. Use the sample files to practise your skills
  4. Skills Tests
  5. Review your answers and be guided to the correct answer if you make a mistake
  6. Receive a Certificate of Completion

MYOB Online Courses for LIFE 

Some of the MYOB Online Courses include Lifetime Membership so that you can access the course as often as you want, when you like — making the Online MYOB Training Course the ultimate resource for learning how to use MYOB.

When you complete the MYOB Training Skills Tests you receive the learning resources to review your answers immediately and go over the learning materials as often as you need to so  that you get it right the next time. You can attempt the knowledge reviews three times.

MYOB Online Courses – Outlines

When you choose our LIFETIME MYOB Online Courses you have access to all MYOB Online courses for life. This includes the ability to go over what you have seen as often as you need, access to new training materials as they are announced at the blog and move from course to course as you need.

Microsoft Excel Online Courses

We also offer the Microsoft Excel course (beginners to advanced) that you can enrol into separately or as part of an MYOB Bookkeeping Course package. This link will also show the price of each Bookkeeping training package.

See the full list of training video topics in our Microsoft Excel Course Outline.

FREE MYOB Software

Do you need to get a copy of MYOB software to practise? The link to access it is included in our course but you don’t need to enrol in our course to find it, just read about what’s included in our MYOB course. Read about free MYOB software for training.

This article and video also demonstrate the training style used in one aspect of our training materials, the online training videos. Take a look at our free sample training videos which covers certain aspects of performing a bank reconciliation using MYOB. We also have knowledge reviews and training workbooks so no matter which methods you prefer to use to learn we’ve got you covered.

MYOB Online Courses Skills Testing

Knowledge tests are used throughout the course to test your skills, and many students find them a refreshing way to learn.

Do you know a little bit about MYOB? Come and Test your MYOB skills right now – for FREE!

MYOB Certificate for Your Resume

If you are looking for work, a MYOB certificate is very important because it  demonstrates your commitment to attend professional training and shows your willingness to learn more in the future if needed. Depending on which MYOB Bookkeeper training package you choose a certificate is either available at the time of enrolment or after you have completed your course.

The certificate you receive after successfully completing this course is by a training provider that is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

MYOB Training and Support

The training course is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and by enrolling into any course you can  join the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a student member for free. Not only are our support team professional users of MYOB for bookkeeping purposes but they are registered BAS agents and perform bookkeeping for themselves as well as commercially for paying clients.

Support is available via email, online support ticketing system, Student Community and direct Tutor Support so you can use the support tools that suit your learning style.

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