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Connecting you with a Bookkeeping and Finance Professional

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With Industry Connect you speak directly with a bookkeeping and finance professional working in the real world.

If you are studying digital marketing you’ll connect with experienced practitioners who are using their technical skills with marketing strategies to make a difference where they work.

Preparing you for real life bookkeeping; not just bookkeeping theory

When you speak with someone who makes a living out of being a bookkeeper, BAS agent or Tax agent, you can see, first hand, how the bookkeeping study and skills you learn are going to be applied within the context of a business operating in the real world.

This is among the best preparation you can have for seeking a paid role as a bookkeeper or BAS agent in the finance industry or for a range of businesses.

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Industry Connect Project

As part of Industry Connect, you will be assessed to build your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a bookkeeper. You will learn what the rigorous requirements are for becoming a Bookkeeper and BAS agent, the services they provide, including what tax services they may provide as governed by the Tax Practitioners Board.

The assignment will cover tasks relating to real-world business scenarios, including client interactions.

Why Do We Offer Industry Connect?

Bookkeepers, BAS agents and accountants are the highest qualified individuals operating in the accounting and bookkeeping space. Prior to 2010 almost anyone could perform work as a bookkeeper. All they needed was some basic accounting knowledge and to know how to use accounting software like MYOB.

Now, however, the bookkeeping industry is regulated by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). The TPB has created a minimum set of requirements that bookkeepers MUST adhere to, and be registered for, if they are ultimately paid or rewarded for any work relating to lodging financials that include GST, BAS and Payroll information and calculations.

The minimum training requirements for bookkeepers is a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and even accountants with a degree in accounting are required to go through the GST and Payroll components of this course if they are to perform BAS services.

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Training Course Tutors


When you sign up to a training course package that includes Industry Connect you’ll have contact with an industry practitioner who performs this work for their own clients. 

If you are the right person you might also be able to join our organisation as a training course tutor in your industry category. 

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Advanced Certificate Training Courses in Bookkeeping & Office Administration (with Industry Connect)

Combine your learning of how to use Australia’s most popular accounting software programs with procedures and legal obligations for bookkeeping professionals. 

Certification with organisations like Xero & MYOB are managed by them directly and when you enrol into a training course package which includes Industry Connect our tutors are available to help you with any aspects that you need as part of their accreditation process.

Xero Partner Certification

Getting Certified by Xero is desired by some students and we work with a Xero Partner to ensure that all students with this goal are prepared for the official certification questions and procedures.

Another other popular certification students seek is to become a Registered BAS Agent. Becoming a Registered BAS Agent is not mandatory to operate a bookkeeping business but it is if you want to perform BAS services as a contract bookkeeper.

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Online Training Course Adviser for Xero, MYOB, QuickBook, Bookkeeping, Accounting

HR Support for Business Owners and Managers

If you are a business owner or Payroll / HR manager completing payroll training or related course with us you’re eligible to receive general help and advice about HR issues you face in your workplace. Some of these topics can include:

  • Make sure that your HR paperwork represents your company values and meets all the legal requirements.
  • Employment law applies even before hiring an employee. When you begin recruiting, you are bound by laws on discrimination, data protection and more
  • Managing payroll requires up-to-date knowledge of the taxation system and employee entitlements. Managing your payroll has become complicated and time-consuming due to constant changes in employment law, tax, superannuation and record keeping/reporting requirements
  • Work, Health and Safety: Even the smallest office environment presents hazards and risks that you as the employer must take responsibility for.
  • Employee assistance programs can reinforce your commitment to well-being
  • Absence management is a big staff resourcing issue for some companies and may be caused by disability, clash of personalities and other personal reasons. Reasonable adjustments can be made but you may also need to explore legal termination options so you can recruit again. 
  • Poor staff performance or time keeping or serious breaches of your rules can cause problems and need timely and correct handling. Learn about disciplinary and grievance policies, including for misconduct for minor infringements or gross misconduct
  • Managing performance starts with a new hire who proves they are the right person for the job. A thorough induction, regular meetings and performance reviews during the probation period and beyond allow you to assess their effectiveness and address any problems early on.
  • Redundancy consultation process and communicating with all employees, especially those on long-term sick or maternity leave is important if the business needs to reduce staff numbers to save costs
  • Disgruntled employees can affect your staff and culture and if you are unable to resolve issues informally to improve performance or correct misbehaviour, then dismissal may be the only option. Dismissal must follow a fair, consistent and legal process. Unfair dismissal claims have been known to be very costly

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