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Increase your academic skills and then use the Career Academy to understand their use in the real world. Career Academy programs are designed to bridge the gap for inexperienced job seekers who need to understand how software is used to perform tasks required for jobs in the real world.

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The Career Academy training programs range from courses to help you

  1. define your best career path and then take steps to achieve your goals,
  2. study tools and techniques and tools to help you complete your course and remain confident, and
  3. professional support programs to connect you with industry practitioners who use the software in their work and businesses every day.

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The Career Academy training and support programs are focussed on bridging the gap between academic studies and the practical application of that knowledge in the real world.

With the onset of a massive new need for employees and contractors to perform their work remotely from home our new career academy initiatives are centred around the skills required to perform job tasks collaboratively and online.

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