MYOB Bank Reconciliation Course

What’s in the workbook

This workbook goes through the transactions for an independent small business that sells some products and services, we go through from a quick setup using an existing chart of accounts as well as some initial journal transactions. You’ll create a company file from scratch and then be presented with a bank statement which contains sales and purchases as well as more diverse transactions like automatic deductions and directors loan accounts.

The end result will enable you to setup a new company using existing data, enter transactions based on a bank statement and reconcile the account for the month.

Training video list

  • Video 1 – Export and Import using MYOB
  • Video 2 – Working with Read Only MYOB data files
  • Video 3 – Exporting Accounts List and Transaction Journals
  • Video 4 – Exploring Exported MYOB Accounts list Data
  • Video 5 – Create a new training company datafile
  • Video 6 – Importing an accounts list into a new MYOB data file
  • Video 7 – Importing the Transaction Journals into a new MYOB data file
  • Video 8 – Deleting duplicate accounts and changing linked accounts
  • Video 9 – Setting Linked Accounts for GST

503 – MYOB Bank Reconciliation – Data File & Loan Account

  • 503101 Data File – Download the Training Company Data
  • 503102 Data File – Opening the Training Company Data
  • 503103 Directors Loan Account – Creating a Loan Account
  • 503104 Directors Loan Account – Transfer Loan Funds
  • 503105 Directors Loan Account – Transaction Details and Accts Payable
  • 503106 Setup Accounts Payable Linked Account
  • 503107 Editing or Deleting a Transaction Entry

503 – MYOB Bank Reconciliation – Entering Transactions

  • 503201 Entering Transactions – Creating Customer Cards
  • 503202 Entering Transactions – Creating Inventory Items
  • 503203 Entering Transactions – Entering a Sale and Payment
  • 503204 Entering Transactions – Spend Money
  • 503205 Entering Transactions – Receive Money from a Client
  • 503301 Reconcile your Cheque Account to Your Bank Statement


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