MYOB Reporting and BAS Online Training Course

This course will take you through various aspect of using MYOB Reporting features to generate reports that you give you useful data about business performance and other aspects of the business operations.

MYOB Reporting Course - GST & BAS-Front-SheetThis course covers Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Reports as well as GST reports and how to complete your BAS using MYOB’s BASlink. You’ll learn how to setup your BAS Info and backup the completed BAS report for that period.

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D.I.Y Accounting

All our courses come with some basic bookkeeping training videos for those of you who aren’t sure of the names of things and the basic concepts.

Introduction to DIY Accounting
Charts of Accounts Explained
DIY Tax Codes Information
Cash Vs. Accrual Accounting Methods
Intro to Credit Control

MYOB Reporting GST and BAS Course

This section will take you through the reporting features of MYOB. Depending on the organisation you work for or the reporting goals of the business owners you will use different reports at different time intervals.

504101 – Introduction to MYOB Reporting
504102 – Customising the MYOB Profit and Loss Report
504103 – Changing the Display Formatting of MYOB Reports
504201 – Introduction to MYOB v 2011
504202 – Where do we see GST in source documents and accounts list
504203 – GST and Tax Code reports for Accrual and Cash Accounting
504204 – BAS Info and intro to BASlink
504205 – GST calculations for Sales and non-capital purchases to show the GST owing
504206 – Compare the BASlink info to the GST Detail Reporting for Cash Accounting

Exporting Data from MYOB

Your MYOB data file holds an incredible amount of information about your business and if you have the right Microsoft Excel skills you can find out a wealth of extra performance information about your business.

This section takes you through the exporting process in MYOB.

504301 Export via the Import/Export Assistant
504302 Export Employee Details via the Report Centre

Tracking Jobs

504401 – JOBS – Setting up a new job
504402 – JOBS – Budgets
504403 – JOBS – Allocating Expenses
504404 – JOBS – Allocating Revenue
504405 – JOBS – Closing the Job
504406 – JOBS – Reporting

Assets & Depreciation

On the 1st July 2012 the ATO announced an increase in the Assets and Write-Off’s for small businesses turning over less than $2M. Prior to 1 July 2012 this amount was $1,000 and from 1 July this amount increased considerably to $6,500, excluding the GST. This is a great help for the smaller businesses and that’s why we decided to put in a section specifically for this. In 2014 it changed again so regardless of the amounts, these videos will show you how to use MYOB to handle asset purchases and depreciation.

504601 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation Less Than 6500
504602 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-MV Purchase
504603 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-Accelerated Deduction
504604 -MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-General Small Business Pool Year 2

Workbook – 504 Asset & Depreciation PDF document
Test: 504 ( Assets & Depreciation) – Knowledge review Quiz

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