Xero Daily Transactions Training Course

Xero Daily Transactions & Entries

In the Xero Daily Transactions Course you will learn about the different dashboards for various parts of the Xero software. You will learn your way around the main screen dashboard, as well as your Sales and Purchases Dashboards.

  • How to send or issue invoices to one customer or many customers at the one time, to save a repeating invoice and much much more.
  • Credit notes could not be simpler when using Xero, you wont get confused with them and they take seconds to generate, just like a sales invoice.
  • From the purchase dashboard is where we can manage our payables. Schedule payments, create bulk payments and ABA files, send suppliers a remittance, as well as process employee expense claims.

The Xero Daily Transactions Course includes training on:

  • Entering Sales Invoices and Receiving Customer Payments, 
  • Entering Supplier Invoices and Entering Supplier Payments, 
  • Transfering Money Between Accounts, 
  • Adding New Contacts, 
  • Edit existing Contacts and Coping with Duplicate Contacts,
  • Navigating the Sales Dashboard, 
  • Entering Credit Note and Allocating them to invoices, 
  • Emailing or Printing Invoices, 
  • Entering a New Purchase Order, 
  • Sending a Purchase Order, 
  • Deleting Invoices, 
  • Voiding Invoices, Voiding Invoices when payments are applied, 
  • Internal Bank Transfers,
  • Handling Overpayments, 
  • Processing Contra Deals and 
  • Create a Quote in Xero.

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