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Use our selection of online advertisement templates to generate interest from prospective clients and customers. We’ve worked with bookkeepers and BAS agents since 2012 providing branding, digital marketing and advertising to help them find work and clients.

Advertisement Copy

Good advertisements stand out from competing ads and make offers that make buyers act. Since the Internet became the dominant force in online marketing buyers are now able to do a lot of research before even picking up the phone to call a potential supplier.

Get access to our advertisement templates with compelling headlines, images and call-to-actions that make buyers act.

Research and Information

Get access to information guides, blueprints and other information that you can give away and that buyers want. Buyers research several companies or contractors before making a purchase for several reasons, including:

  • Understanding the market cost / price
  • What you get for the fee
  • Getting to know the supplier to see if they do a good job
  • Experience the customer service
  • Know that they will not be ripped off

Permission Marketing

Rather than the push marketing of previous decades we live in a new digital age where buyers give us permission to market to them and keep them informed. Learn how to show your genuine interest in helping buyers and giving them the information that they need and want.

When buyers and potential clients get to know you, like you and trust you they’ll buy from you or start using your services.

Filtering Prospects

Most of us have heard that the customer is always right but that is not as relative today where a significant income is derived from the provision of professional services as opposed to products. When you sell commodity products, like those from brand names, then your customer service makes the biggest difference and you need to do the best you can to win customers and have them come back again and again. When it comes to professional services it’s more of a 2 way street – you both need to get on and communicate well.

Rather than try to win business from every person you can find learn how to filter buyers to find the ones most ideal for you.

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