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MYOB Online Course Videos — Setting up Selling and Payments

Here’s another time saving tip: Did you know that if the majority of your income is derived by one type of service, you can set up your Sales Account so that it automatically defaults to the correct account code?

You can also add any Credit Limit, should you extend credit to clients/customers. By entering this limit it becomes easy to track when your client/customer reaches their limit.

When setting up Selling and Payments, it’s always best to leave the Payment Method blank as these days payment methods can come in many forms.

Set up your Payment Terms to suit company policy. Should you give discounts for early payment or an extra fee for late payments, make sure this is entered so it is an automatic entry on all your invoices and/or receipts.


Setting up Selling and Payments in MYOB
Setting up Selling and Payments in MYOB

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