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MYOB Online Course Videos — MYOB Sales: Entering Time Billing and Printing

To enter a Time Billing Invoice, click on the Sales Icon in the Command Centre. Then enter Sales. The blank invoice that is now on the screen shows the invoice format selected at startup. Click on Layout Tab on the bottom and select Time Billing.

Select the customer from the drop down box. Be careful as you will notice that the screen now shows a service invoice which was selected at startup. MYOB will remember this; it additionally remembers the last date an invoice was recorded for this customer. ALWAYS check that you remember to change dates.

Hint: If you type in the first letter of either your customer’s surname or the Company name, MYOB will show names beginning with that letter. This shortcut comes in handy; especially if you are entering many sales invoices.

The Time Billing Invoice gives the amounts by hours. Enter all relevant details.

Click on the Print Icon at the bottom of your screen. Notice that MYOB gives a warning that “The sale will be recorded before it is printed”.

If your printer is not set to A4, you will be prompted to change Printer Preferences.

Note that MYOB also give the option of sending the invoice via email.

502108 Entering time billing and printing in MYOB
502108 Entering time billing and printing in MYOB

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