Digital Affiliate Marketing & Online Business Course

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Learn how to incorporate selling online digital products in a normal conversational style without cramming products down your friends throats. This online business course includes:

  • Affiliate Account
  • Online Business Course
  • Practical step-by-step exercises
  • Traffic & Sales reporting & analysis
  • 6 hours / 6 CPD points
  • Learn micro posting

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Online Business Course

Learn how to start an online business using affiliate marketing which you can run from home and in your own time. Affiliate marketing was championed in the dotcom era by companies which are now some of the largest in the world, including Amazon, which until this day enables ordinary people to earn money online using the Internet.

You’ll be set up with an affiliate profile, understand affiliate and referral links and how to use them in low cost or free social media sites and even in advertisements at Google, Facebook and Linkedin.

Educational Marketing

Learn how to incorporate selling products in a normal conversational style without cramming products down your friends throats.

As part of this affiliate digital marketing course you’ll be able to share your experiences in completing this course and help others learn what you’ve managed to learn. It’s an authentic way of reinforcing what you’re learning while you talk about it with your friends. This is an online business course which you can confidently promote because you’ll genuinely be helping other people learn to do what you’ve learnt.

Affiliate Training Topics

It is much cheaper to start an online business as an affiliate because you don’t have to commit to buying and storing stock items and then shipping them to customers when they order. You’ll learn how to navigate an affiliate dashboard and use your unique affiliate link in digital and social media posts.

An affiliate link enables you to measure the success of your recommendations, comments and feedback and enables you to earn an income based on how well your content is received and acted on.

You’ll learn about the many different places where affiliate links can be used to help people while also earning you an income.

You’ll see examples of micro posts in social media for a range of different topics and learn how to created dozens of your own content to promote products and services you are interested in an passionate about.

Online Business Models

Affiliate Marketing, promotional referral coupons, advertising revenue from Google Ads and drop shipping are just some of the different ways that you can earn an income online and you’ll learn about these online business models as well as see them in action.

You’ll learn where to find online business opportunities and the value of digital assets, which can be bought and sold, just like houses. If you commit to building a website you’ll learn about the value of that website and how it can be sold once you build it up.

Buying and Selling Online Businesses

It is cheap to start an online business because you can start with a basic website and then add content which you can share on social media. You may want to spend money on Google Ads to increase your website traffic and awareness but once you get up and running your online business will have value from “organic” website traffic.

You’ll explore marketplaces where online businesses are bought and sold and search for opportunities that relate to your interests. You’ll also learn how lucrative an online business can be by seeing examples of online businesses for sale.

Online Business Course with Income Opportunities

You’ll be setup earn 20% of the value of online training courses that are delivered and supported by 123 Group. Online businesses delivering digital services do not require warehousing, don’t have expiry dates and don’t rely on couriers, delivery drivers or freight companies. You’ll learn how to incorporate training into the sale of other products and services you love.

Join the online age with your own online business and earn money while helping others learn about online services.