Design and Define Your Services Training Course


This training course package will give you skills and exercises to confidently start a business and have strategies to start marketing your business and making money. Includes

  • Work from home business ideas
  • Learn how to avoid charging hourly rates
  • Tools to work from home remotely
  • Insights into the Virtual Assistant industry
  • How to specialise and package your services
  • Lead generation & marketing explained


Formerly called Originate & Develop Concepts

The Online Business Startup Training Course includes the following topics:

Ideas and Concepts are the lifeblood of every innovative business. It keeps life interesting for staff who are involved in the process and it maintains the relevance of a business to it’s customers. By constantly being aware of what is happening in the market and understanding how the business can participate in it small business owners can use this innovating thinking and strategies to attract new business.

You’ll learn:

  • to define what you want to sell so you can explain it quickly
  • discover useful topics for your marketing strategy
  • understand how these concepts can compliment what you are currently doing

Defining New Products and Services

The StartUp Academy Online Business Startup Course and online marketing will help you develop packages that help win sales and bring in new customers.

Fantastic Furniture are well known as the “package deal kings”; every business can benefit by exploring what they can “package” for customers

Be capable of clearly defining what you do and how you do it, so if you’re ever asked about a comparison you have a speedy answer that you’re comfortable with.

You don’t have to be the cheapest and you don’t have to accept ANY client or any type of work.

The task of defining your products and services is as much about choosing WHO you want to work with, as much as it is about WHAT work you want to be doing.

Who is this Course For?

The StartUp Academy Business Course is ideal for anyone wanting to start a consulting business where they perform work using their knowledge, skills and experience. This would include:

  • virtual assistants and remote contractors
  • bookkeepers
  • website designers
  • graphic designers
  • content marketing and copywriters and media consultants
  • social media and PR consultants
  • marketing services providers
  • handyperson
  • plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter and any other tradesperson
  • IT consultants

It’s also suitable for people who want to start a business that requires higher upfront and ongoing costs in plant and equipment and human resources. This would include businesses like:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Retail warehouses – party hire, gifts
  • Online businesses
  • Product and service combination suppliers
  • Retail shops and more

The Industry

Whether you work in your own small business, or whether you’re working for somebody else, you will be affected by what happens in your industry. For example, you might have to start selling smashed avo toast if you run a cafe, you’ll need to know about Hudbdoc and Receipt scanning software if you are a bookkeeper, you’ll need to understand how changes Google made to their search algorithm if you are a business blog writer.

Understanding the Industry you work in is very important because you’ll be able to spot trends and changes that most bookkeepers, blog writers or cafe owners are not aware of or are not adapting to quickly.

The Market & Trends

The market is where you’ll find your customers and research in this area will help you understand what they are looking for and what they need. The needs of customers change for lots of reasons including:

  • changes in compliance for payroll (bookkeepers)
  • changes in working technology (virtual assistants)
  • changes in marketing requirements (business bloggers)

Customer service, marketing and sales have gone online in a massive way and this created opportunities for smart businesses AND workers who understand how they can fit into the picture.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

If there is a need in the market then there is an opportunity and demand for your services. Come to the course with your own ideas and explore other innovative ways that other remote workers are earning money working from home.

If you already have a good resume you may find easy ways to locate key reasons that someone would use your services as a contractor. It could be based on your experience in a particularly industry or by knowing industry related software.

Ideal Customer Profiling

This is a good time to identify who YOU think will be an ideal customer. Customers come in all shapes and sizes but you are a unique person with unique skills and experiences and as a consultant you get to choose who you think would make the ideal customer.

Value Based Pricing

Sometimes you will do well just because you package your products and services the right way. In this subject you’ll explore different ways of selling your services and not just promote an hourly rate.

Value Based Pricing enables you to potentially specialise in an area you love but also streamline what you offer so that you reduce the time it takes, earning you more than if you charged an hourly rate. Learn how Value Based Pricing is used in several different jobs, including:

  • Business Blog Writing and Content Marketing
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Lead Generation and Affiliate websites

Multiple Income Streams

Discover how the job market is changing with the Gig Economy and how the role of office support and administration is starting to include some digital and social media marketing, customer service, bookkeeping and communication and scheduling.

You’ll find opportunities to combine several services for fixed fees and worked for multiple clients creating a win-win for you and other local small businesses.