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MYOB Job Tracking and Asset Depreciation


More content has just been created in the MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS course and it’s the kind of material that students who want to get more involved in the accounting side love – Job Tracking and Asset Depreciation.

Job Tracking

This feature of MYOB is used by a lot of tradespeople who perform work on several different work sites at a time. It enables you to keep better track of the costs you incur each time you go an buy some products that are required on the site. These are the topics included:

504401 – MYOB JOBS – Setting up a new job
504402 – MYOB JOBS – Budgets
504403 – MYOB JOBS – Allocating Expenses
504404 – MYOB JOBS – Allocating Revenue
504405 – MYOB JOBS – Closing the Job
504406 – MYOB JOBS – Reporting

Asset Depreciation

The Australian Government often seem to make changes as to the amount of deductions you can make when it comes to capital purchases. Small purchases under $1000 were at one stage fully deductible in their year of purchase, recently it was $6500 (which was great if you bought a car for your business or piece of machinery.

These new additions to the MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS course show you have asset purchases are handled in MYOB and how they are treated at year end.

504601 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation Less Than 6500
504602 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-MV Purchase
504603 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-Accelerated Deduction
504604 -MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-General Small Business Pool Year 2

Workbook – 504 Asset & Depreciation
Test: 504 ( Assets & Depreciation) – Knowledge review Quiz

You’ll notice that there is a workbook as well as a test to ensure you understand the concepts.

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