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QuickBooks Pro Training Course Package

Estimated Time of Completion:  48 hours

Course Inclusions:

  • Beginner to Advanced Level
  • Instructional Videos
  • 48 CPD Points
  • 180 part course
  • 5 x Training Workbooks (downloadable & printable)
  • 5 business case studies
  • Assessment Tests
  • Industry Accredited Advanced Certificate
  • Upfront or Payment Plan
  • QuickBooks Pro Training Affiliate


The QuickBooks Online Pro Training Course Package includes access to each of our QuickBooks Online training courses:

QuickBooks Online Beginners Certificate Course

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, creating quotes and managing the cashflow cycle from money in the bank account, purchasing of inventory, invoicing and chasing up debts as well as purchases and making purchase payments.

This course covers the transactions that are often not entered as part of the invoicing and purchases process. Including transactions with varying GST amounts, loans and transfers. You’ll learn how to perform an end of month bank reconciliation and reporting to make sure that the books balance and match the bank statement.

QuickBooks Online Beginners Certificate Training Course

QuickBooks Online GST, BAS and Reporting Course

This Xero Course builds on the Xero Bank Reconciliation Course. It explores a full quarter worth of transactions using a case study which features a budding entrepreneur and we’ve chosen this case study because it enables us to include  transactions that make GST and BAS reporting tricky; including:

  • purchases which are GST-free,
  • those which have partial GST, or are
  • international payments.
  • varying GST Transactions

QuickBooks GST, Reporting & BAS Training Course

QuickBooks Online Payroll Training Course

To learn Payroll administration using Xero we have two difference case studies to cater for beginner level payroll tasks as well as those payroll tasks which you don’t perform very often.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll Administration Certificate Training Course

QuickBooks Online Project Tracking Course

In this course you will learn the importance of keeping track of all product AND labour costs for every project. You’ll see how the erection of a small tin shed can actually cost the builder money once he start to have to use his truck and some extra men to collect the shed in it’s original packaging, lay down a concrete slab and require several trips to the hardware store for components that wasn’t planned for as well as the costs associated with being rained out on one of their days on site.

This course is NOT available separately

BONUS Inclusions

Choose this package and you’ll receive a discount as well as the following features:

When you’ve completed all your training you’ll be eligible to become a Online Training Course Tutor and get:

  • Industry Connect
  • FREE entry in the Bookkeeper Talent Pool for local awareness of bookkeeper jobs

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