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MYOB & Xero Short Courses $25 per week

Learn MYOB & Xero Online Training Courses for $25 per month interest free compare Career Academy, Spoted, Applied Education, Chisolm

After reviewing the accounting skills requirements for accounting jobs on Seek and Indeed it’s obvious that Xero has made amazing inroads into the accounting software space.

Small businesses appear to be the ones most quickly adopting Xero’s cloud accounting software and because they are a significant employer many jobs now require Xero skills.

The negative impact on job seekers and those re-entering the workforce for part-time accounting jobs is that you’ll be able to apply for more jobs with knowledge of how to use both Xero and MYOB and now you can for just $25 per week.

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Connection Guarantee for Xero & MYOB Training Course Package

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping LOGO

Selected training courses with a Dual Certificate in Xero & MYOB, include our real-world training course scenarios and Industry Connect program now come with a connection guarantee to give you a deeper understanding of the work environment and deliver more than just the Career Academy program.

The MYOB and Xero training course packages are currently available with interest free course financing at just $25 per week so it’s a great time to start on a positive note in your career.

See our Accounting Training Course Packages

UPDATE: We were overwhelmed with this offer and found that student success in getting a job relied on more than just their software skills. The Career Academy is FREE for students on selected packages to help them prepare for the job seeker and job application process.

Bookkeeping PRO Xero & MYOB AccountRight Advanced Certificate & Payroll Training Courses - Industry Accredited, Employer Endorsed - CTO

The Connection Guarantee is now available, and our Xero & MYOB training affiliate program is available to students who enrol into the Advanced MYOB & Xero Certificate training course package. This service enables you to earn money by working remotely from home as an affiliate and potentially an online course tutor.

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MYOB Online Course Videos — MYOB Screen

You have launched MYOB and now the Command Centre is on your screen.

You will note that the to icons are Accounts, Banking, Sales, Time Billing, Purchases, Payroll, Inventory and Card List.

Clicking on each one of these will take you to the Command Centre of that particular section.

For Example: Sales. You will see the options: Sales Register, Receive Payments, Print Receipts, Print/Email Invoices, Transaction Journal and Print/Email Statements.

Note that you also have a Menu Bar at the top. You can use this instead of the Command Centre. If you click on Command Centre on the Tool Bar, a drop down box gives you the options of what section you want. By highlighting Sales, you will see the full list of options and you can click on the section required.

There are Tabs on the bottom as well. These are labelled: To Do List, Find Transactions, Reports and Analysis.


Video Reference: 502101

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MYOB Online Course Videos — Final Form Customisations

You have now completed the invoice. To see what the invoice will look like, click on the preview icon on the Tool Bar.

Your invoice is now showing and you can see how it will look printed. If you find that the logo is too high and the top part is ‘cut off’, simply close the preview, click on the logo and using your arrow keys reposition it.

When you are finished and are happy with the way the invoice looks you can then save it.

It is recommended that you use the ‘Save As’ option as you can then name the invoice. This option comes in very handy when you have more than one company. All can then be saved under each companies name.

Hint: To delete a logo picture on the invoice you cannot just highlight the picture and press delete on your keyboard, you must right click on the picture and select the option delete.


Video Reference: 501706

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MYOB Job Tracking and Asset Depreciation


More content has just been created in the MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS course and it’s the kind of material that students who want to get more involved in the accounting side love – Job Tracking and Asset Depreciation.

Job Tracking

This feature of MYOB is used by a lot of tradespeople who perform work on several different work sites at a time. It enables you to keep better track of the costs you incur each time you go an buy some products that are required on the site. These are the topics included:

504401 – MYOB JOBS – Setting up a new job
504402 – MYOB JOBS – Budgets
504403 – MYOB JOBS – Allocating Expenses
504404 – MYOB JOBS – Allocating Revenue
504405 – MYOB JOBS – Closing the Job
504406 – MYOB JOBS – Reporting

Asset Depreciation

The Australian Government often seem to make changes as to the amount of deductions you can make when it comes to capital purchases. Small purchases under $1000 were at one stage fully deductible in their year of purchase, recently it was $6500 (which was great if you bought a car for your business or piece of machinery.

These new additions to the MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS course show you have asset purchases are handled in MYOB and how they are treated at year end.

504601 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation Less Than 6500
504602 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-MV Purchase
504603 – MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-Accelerated Deduction
504604 -MYOB Reporting-Assets and depreciation-General Small Business Pool Year 2

Workbook – 504 Asset & Depreciation
Test: 504 ( Assets & Depreciation) – Knowledge review Quiz

You’ll notice that there is a workbook as well as a test to ensure you understand the concepts.

Remember that you can enrol into our cheapest Online MYOB training course with the BASICS (year) package if you just want the skills to perform day-to-day tasks or you can

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ABN & Checksum’s

We are constantly writing blog posts with tips, information, articles and tricks. I thought I would write one on my latest encounter with MYOB entries and in particular, entering an ABN into the system.

In previous versions of MYOB there was not any real checks in place for the incorrect entry of your ABN, however in the current version (V2011) I was entering the ABN in the Payment Summaries Window but MYOB kept saying this was incorrect and was not allowing me to proceed to the following window. I first came across this problem when entering my dummy ABN in the Payment Summary Section for some of the updated Payroll workbook, which is well underway.

MYOB Training Course ABN-Error20120522Upon further investigation as to why this was happening, I got my answer:

The most recent version of MYOB Account Right has some basic and automatic checks behind the scenes to prevent incorrect numbers being entered and to protect clients’ from accidentally entering incorrect ABN information (In my case, it was deliberate) and to stop the high number of incorrect returns being filed. What a great idea!

Now some people think that this is linked to the ABR website and it was certainly my thought before I investigated further. But this is not the case. It is actually all based around a formula to ensure the number format is in fact valid. As we all know, ABN’s are an 11 digit number; but what you might not know, is those first 2 digits are actually a checksum. The ATO has actually publicised the formula which is used to check and create valid ABN checksums.

Basically what all this jargon means, is your ABN does not need to be real, it simply needs to be entered in the correct format.

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New MYOB Payroll training videos

MYOB training course TFN-Declaration-Form-300x274We are thrilled to announce the development of new training course videos for our MYOB Bookkeeping Training Courses. These videos cover the setting up MYOB Payroll and processing weekly pays to reconciling and closing off the Payroll year. Here’s some of the new topics included:

  • Load MYOB Payroll Tax tables, 
  • Creating new employee cards and setting up Payroll categories, 
  • Superannuation information for employees
  • Performing a pay run
  • Editing and Deleting incorrect pay slips
  • Editing and Deleting incorrect pays using transaction journal
  • Understanding Payroll and the Account List
  • Processing Payment of Payroll Liabilities
  • Processing Payment of Salary Sacrifice
  • Setting up and processing pays with a deduction for employees social club
  • Payroll Summary and Employee Register Reports
  • Reconciling your Super, Wages and PAYG Taxes
  • Printing of EOY Payment Summaries
  • Backing up your MYOB Data file before Closing off the Payroll year
This new payroll training for MYOB is included in our MYOB Bookkeeping PLUS training package that includes access to the training videos, training guides and Skills Tests.